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Update Data Stewardship-project

by Alastair Dunning, TU Delft’s Data Stewardship project has now been running for five months, and we’ve had a chance to establish a draft framework policy and undertake several interviewers with researchers across the campus. And by working with faculty secretaries from the faculties, we’ve also been able to work out the different ways the..

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Hoogbouw Komt Thuis

Foto van de Expositie Vertical Cities in de Library TU

Author: Jan Klerks (Skyscraperist) In 1969, Delft was home to the second tallest building and the second tallest church tower in the Netherlands, being the 90-meter tall building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, and 109-meter tall tower of the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ respectively. Today’s, it’s the architects and engineers which have..

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