International Potluck

To start of the festival we will have an international potluck. For the potluck everyone will bring a dish typicalLanguage event plaatje to their own country (or something you really like) and share. This way you will be able to taste food from all around the world!
When: 1st of March, 19:00
Where: Orange Room TUD Library

Movienight – vrijdag 3 maart

On Friday we will cuddled up and watch a foreign movie. This year it will be a French one! Before the movie a small French workshop by a native speaker given which can immediately be put to practice by watching the movie.
When: 3rd of March, 20:30
Where: Blue Room at the TU Delft Library

Guest lecture – maandag 6 maart

“Language as a system in the Human Mind” door Pieter Seuren

Language is something we use every day, but how does it work? There are 24 official languages in the EU alone and each one has its own rules and exceptions. Because how does language reflect the community that speaks it? What exactly is grammar? Are there universal elements shared by all languages? How does the brain process language? These questions are all studied in the field of linguistics.

Emeritus professor Pieter Seuren will give a talk in which he will introduce linguistics by going through these questions. Later he will talk about the issues related to these topics that are still open.
When: 6th of March, 20:00
Where: Blue Room at the TU Delft Library

Dutch Speaking Night – dinsdag 7 maart

Have you come to the Netherlands, but have only really spoken English? Or are you interested in practising your Dutch outside of the classroom? Then come to the Dutch Speaking Night. Here you will be able to practise your Dutch by talking to native speakers while enjoying a drink. Also if you’re looking to go abroad, this is a great opportunity to meet someone from there who you can talk about what it is like there.
When: 7th of March, 20:30
Where: Club Ciccionina, Kromstraat 24

Dutch Game Night – donderdag 9 maart

The Language Festival will conclude with the Language Game Night. An evening that we will have a lot of fun learning basic words in different languages while you play games with other students from all over the world. You don’t need to master a particular language to play these games in this event, just have fun and make new international friends!
When: 9th of March, 20:00
Where: OJV de Koornbeurs, Voldersgracht 1