TU Delft and the Library have a long history with our monarchy, starting with the foundation of the “Koninklijke Academy” (or Royal Academy) by King William II in 1842, which we now all know by the name TU Delft.

But that’s not all. Throughout history we have collected quite a few (non-technical) books and publications in our collection, most of which can be seen in our Image Archive or Tresor.

So for entertainment purposes only, here are a few ‘fun’ examples 😉 Please keep in mind that these books are in Dutch only.

  • When Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina actually became queen in 1898, an official ‘Gedenkboek’ (or commemorative book) was created. This book, published in 1898, can be accessed through Tresor.
  • Also originating from 1898, is a two-part commerorative book published by ‘Het Nieuws van den Dag’  (Daily news), looking back on 50 years of monarchy under King William III and Queen-regent Emma. (Part 1 and 2).
  • In 1905, Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina opened the “Technische  Hoogeschool”. The opening speech given by our first Rector Magnificus is accessible through Open Access.
  • Following Juliana’s accession to the throne in 1948, another commemorative book was published. This book can be accessed through our book depot.
  • And, also available through our Book Depot: Her Majesty Queen Beatrix’ opening speech on the day of her accession  to the throne (30 april 1980) in front of joint assembly of the States-General of the Netherlands.

But our collection does not ‘just’ contain commemorative books or speeches. Our image archive contains photosets and drawings as well, such as this memorial litho honouring Her Majesty Queen Wilhelina’s accession to the throne by Pieter Adrianus Schipperus or this photoset regarding Queen Juliana’s visit to Delft celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ‘Technische Hoogeschool Delft’.

But surely you can find more fascinating examples yourselves, so feel free to browse through both our repository and our image archive 🙂

TU Delft Library wishes you a fabulous King’s Day!