By Just de Leeuwe

The TU Delft Repository has been in existence for 10 years. Beginning with the publication of a few dissertations, it has developed into the most prominent TU Delft outlet for displaying the university’s output to the world: dissertations, theses, books, speeches, video lectures, images and educational materials. Much has changed in 10 years. Open Access has been transformed from a lofty ideal to a business model for publishers, and the content of Open Access has been broadened to become Open Science, including teaching resources, open data and software as part of a larger whole.

During these last few weeks of 2014 we look back at these developments in 5 chapters.

In chapter 5: Berlin Declaration

A palette of Open Access activities

All of the Open Access activities of TU Delft are part of a process that was started with the endorsement of the Berlin Declaration in 2005.[i] At that time, the Executive Board appointed the Library as the university component that would realise the operations related to Open Access. In addition to the aforementioned , a Copyright website with a strong Open Access component was established in 2007.

In 2008, the TU Delft Open Access Fund was established in order to provide temporary support for authors with regard to the costs associated with publishing in Open Access journals.  More than 170 articles were sponsored in this way in the period up to October 2014.

Repository Manager Just de Leeuwe presents the first Oxfam goat to Jacques Pronk (Applied Sciences), on the roof of the TU Delft Library in 2010 and 125 Open Access Fund sponsorships (right).

The Library is expected to manage the expansion of the APCs, which will experience major growth in the coming years. Agreements to this end are being and will be made with various publishers. This will increase the percentage of Open Access publications, and repositories will continue to play an indispensable role in the dissemination of freely accessible material.

Number of objects in the Delft repositories (x 1000) (2005-2014)