Let’s be honest: a bad connection is really annoying! Unfortunately, this can occur in the Library as well. Whenever the number of users increases, the quality notably decreases.

So, to put it mildly: At those moments, the amount of connections is just too damn high.

But wait! We’re solving this!

How? By adding more access points in the building and replacing old ones. This way we will make sure the WiFi signal in the Library is up to par, even with a lot of users connected.

Good! But what are you going to do precisely?

Like we said, this summer we’ll add more access points. ICT is currently checking out whether or not it is possible to add access points to the 1st floor, in places previously impossible due to technical difficulties. These new access points will increase performance on both the g 2,4 Ghz and a 5 Ghz band.

Also, new access points will be added to the project rooms and the . In these areas the performance of the a 5 Ghz band will be increased. Unfortunately, increasing the performance of the g 2,4 ghz band is not possible, it would only mean more interference and thus decrease performance…

With these measures, we aim to put any WiFi connection problems in the past, starting August 2013!