By: Nicoleta Nastase, information specialist TU Delft Library

A new platform: Electronic Book Library ()

You have recently gained the possibility to read online books from a new source: the Electronic Book Library (EBL). For readers, this platform differs from the known SpringerLink, Xplore, Knovel or SafariBooks online platforms, through its access policy to the content, known as Digital Rights Management.

When you find a book in Discover that deserves your attention, you will want to Get it! and you’ll go online, in this case on the EBL website.

There are three important aspects to keep in mind when wanting to read EBL :

1. You need to log in with your NetID.

To get to the EBL website you’ll need to login with your NetID to be recognized as a TUDelft user (that makes the access possible anytime from anywhere!)

When getting into the collection, you will see a page with the description of your eBook.

There are two types of eBooks present in TU Delft EBL collection:

  • eBooks that the library owns and
  • interesting titles that can be purchased.

2. Read online or Download

If the library does own the book, you can read it online and offline.

Online access

You can open the book in the EBL Online Reader, compatible with most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). Here you can make use of Image or pdf view, copy/print (limited possibilities), searching text and taking notes – see the image below.

Offline access

You can download the book and open it with Adobe Digital Editions (if you don’t have it yet, get it) on a desktop or mobile. On iPad, iPhone and Android you can use Bluefire Reader.

The offline availability is limited:

  • You can choose to download the book  for 1 to 28 days.  After that period of time, you’ll have to download it again to access it offline.
  • The printing is limited online to 20% of the total number of pages of one downloaded title (EBL keeps track on printing per user) and respectively at 10% offline the second download. You can also copy only 5%.

The balance print/copy is visible in the Details tab and when the limit is reached, a message is sent to you.

3. Browse and/or request purchase

If the library does not own the book yet, it can be browsed (Read online) for a limited period of time. You get 5-10 minutes of browsing to make up you mind if the book is relevant enough to request it. In the case you want the library to buy the book, you can Request purchase. That is an acquisition suggestion mediated by a librarian. The access to the eBook is arranged in several hours, maximum one day. In case of refusal, the reason is usually the availability of the same book full-text on a different eBooks platform.

You can access the EBL eBooks after logging in with your netID on and browse directly the EBL collection. If you search in the collection, you get this type of list, where the availability via the library is obvious and in color codes.

At the end, after browsing, choosing and requesting books, don’t forget to check out the Bookshelf – your personalized homepage with your recent activity on EBL website and My collection, where you can manage different reading lists.

A different platform, a different experience. Enjoy!