Welcome to the Library

Following a try out last year, Marina Lebedeva and Anke Versteeg, decided that it was a good idea to present ourselves at the day every year. Thanks to the support in setting up in the Aula by Annette Heijn spontaneously assisted later in the evening by the Library’s Director Wilma van Wezenbeek, we were able to speak to numerous alumni. Our small give-aways (book mark and pen) were very popular. The Corporate Brochure was well read and people found it interesting.

During our conversations, we highlighted the benefits of the library pass for alumni. And we also invited people to continue visiting TU Delft Library (LLC for a lifetime stay!) We asked our visitors to give us their business cards (in order to stay in touch with them) and promised to enter them into a draw; as prize the owner of the winning card, together with their department or company, could join us as our guests for an afternoon .
The winning company is: Strategic NBD&Ventures, Guido Delver http://www.primevision.com/
Retired Alumnus: Ward@BM2.nl

The following photo compilation provides an impression of the atmosphere of the evening.

A look back at the entire event: Celebrating the past, connecting to the future (Dutch only)