Text: Marietje Ruijgrok, Curator collection

In the Treasury there is a display of books and illustrations showing examples of chairs and interiors from the past centuries.The illustrations of interiors come from the “Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs”. Under leadership of director Leon Moussignac the new field interior design was added.













Source: Intérieurs III.  Auteur:  Leon Moussinac. Uitgever: Parijs: Lévy, 1925


















Source: Interieurs Francais, Badovici, Jean, Paris (1925)

Basics Rietveld

You can also find the Manual for the furniture maker (Handboek voor den Meubelmaker) from 1894. This is an adaptation of a German book by F.L. Berghuis. Berghuis also wrote a manual for water and civil construction (Het handboek voor water- en burgerlijke bouwkunde) from 1898. “The furniture designer” (De meubelconstructeur) was written by P.Doorn in 1902.

Learned young…

From his eleventh year Rietveld learned how to make furniture in his fathers workplace. At the age of 18 Rietveld made his first furniture. In 1911 he started his own carpentry. During his evenings he took a course in given by the architect and designer Peter Klaarhamer.

More info: “The Genius of Gerrit Rietveld” can be seen until 6 September 2012


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