The TU Delft Library received the collection left behind by the late Prof. H.J. Schoemaker, irrigation professor at the Delft University of Technology during 1967-1984. He was credited for closing the gap between education and practical implementation. Nevertheless, Delft civil engineers still have the reputation of preferring office work, creating tables and figures, above getting dirty hands and feet in the field.

Source: Deltares

Title description

Schoemaker’s granddaughter made a careful description of the collection. The resulting list bearing 1,000 titles was compared to the Library collection, thus transport of documents already part of the existing collection was avoided.

From high to low

As water still prefers to flow from high to low altitudes, part of the knowledge still serves the purpose. Principles, though, may change, such as the wish to maximize harnessing natural resources to agriculture and other economic profit.

Photo taken from syllabus 'Irrigation' by Prof. Schoemaker

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Text: Jaap de Lange, Information Specialist