Text: Ad Bercht, Information Specialist

Our library offers access to an important online for , the to Architectural Periodicals. So far our library only was in the possession of a paper version. In the online database one can look for articles on subjects such as architecture, city planning, and interior design. There are more than seven hundred journals in the database, American and international. You can even find articles in Dutch. The coverage is from the 1930s up to now. But there are also a lot of earlier articles, going back to the end of the 19th century and even to 1741. The Avery Index is published by the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University and updated weekly.

The Avery Index is part of the Proquest database platform. See for this platform also the blog by Jorden Esser. The platform contains different subject areas. The Avery Index belongs to the subject area The Arts. Of course you can also find the database directly in Discover.

It is possible to in more than one database at once. But of course you can also select the Avery Index if you want to do a search only in this database.  There are different options for a search, in Basic Search  and Advanced Search. If you prefer so you can choose for peer reviewed articles. Furthermore you can export your results to, for example, EndNote.

Maybe it is good to see which possibilities there are for you personally when you create a free My Account.  One of the great advances when you do so is that you can save, organize and tag your documents or make notes. For other options see below.