Text: Ad Bercht, Information Specialist

TU Delft Library has compiled a digital bookshelf. If you are searching our collection through the engine Discover you can recognize the animated pictures of books on the right of the page.


On the digital bookshelf are exhibitions with a particular theme. A few of the topics so far: innovation, in honour of Lex Scheffers, architecture as a craft, data mining, nuclear reactors. So topics from different disciplines. Sometimes there is a direct reason for a specific theme, such as a new publication, sometimes not.
All displayed books are in the collection of our library and available for loan. If you want more information about the or want to know where to find it, double click on the image.

Now showing!

For the next few weeks is the theme: Industrial Designers. There are books on various designers such as Renate Müller, Marcel Wanders and Philippe Starck. Müller is a designer who is primarily engaged with handmade toys that can be used in a therapeutic context. Wanders is known from the Knotted Chair which was created in collaboration with TU Delft.The chair was designed for Droog , about which also a book can be found on the bookshelf. Starck designs a variety of objects, once he even made ​​an interior for the ex-president of France, Mitterrand. But of course the other books about the designers are worth a visit as well.