In the old days scientists would browse through the Library shelves randomly. And every now and then they would stumble upon something very interesting they weren’t looking for. . Nowadays, with most publications full text accessible online, the coincidental casual browsing of scientists in the Library’s collection is brought to a minimum. To compensate this loss, the Library gave “De Spullenmannen” the assignment to create a tool with which scientist still can find information they were not looking for. And they created The Library Voyager.

Take the and see where it takes you

Hop in and use the four arrow buttons to navigate through the tunnel system. At every crossing you find a publication and at every crossing you have the choice to continue on the metro train you were riding or to change trains. For a maximum random browsing effect not all options are always available to choose from.

And when you find a publication you find interesting, press the print button in the middle and you get a receipt with all specifics so you can find it with our search engine and read it.

Try it yourself!

You are welcome to try out the Library Voyager any time during opening hours. You find the Voyager in the Library Learning Centre hall under the staircase.