Recently TU Delft Library gained access to SpringerProtocols through the   platform, which is Springer’s integrated for journals, books, etc. SpringerProtocols includes world’s most comprehensive collection of life sciences .

Text: Dirk-Jan Ligtenbelt

Currently more than 26,000 protocols are included in SpringerProtocols, which can be looked up, viewed and downloaded through the SpringerLink platform. More than 2,000 protocols are added annually.

The fields of study covered in SpringerProtocols are: biochemistry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, cancer research, cell biology, genetics and genomics, imaging and radiology, immunology, infectious diseases, microbiology, molecular medicine, neurosciences, pharmacology and toxicology, plant sciences, and protein science.

Do you make use of protocols at setting up your experiments?

You can access SpringerProtocols free of charge on the TU Delft campus.