We love gadgets at the TU Delft Library! In this blog fan Marcel Broekarts shares his knowledge about the .

Tips & tricks using the iPad

Besides internetting and e-mailing the iPad is suitable for reading electronic books, playing music, viewing photos and videos and more. In addition, you can expand the functionality of the device with apps to download in de Store. But then you nee a connection. All useful IT links, manuals and installation files to connect your iPhone, iPhone or iPod touch with the wireless TU Delft network can be found below.


Eduroam is the secured wireless network from the TU Delft, accessible on the whole campus inside the builidings. The network is available to students and staff of TU Delft and guests from other universities / institutions connected to SURFnet.

Eduroam connecting wireless

To set up Eduroam on your iPad you need a network connection. In this manual describes the installation step by step. Once a connection is established, the icon in the top left of the screen appears.

App Store



The App Store is the online software Apple shop.  Here you can download both free and paid applications (apps). For downloading apps you need an Apple-ID. With an Apple-ID you have access to the Store and other Apple services. You can use a credit card linked to your account so you can buy paid apps. But you can also open an account without a credit card and thereby free download apps. Creating an iTunes App Store account without a credit card.



If you’ve completed the above steps, an Internet connection and created an Apple ID, you can install apps on your iPhone. The App Store is full of exciting free and paid applications. The free application iBooks is an ideal program for reading books, magazines or manuals. Click here or find the program on the App Store and install the application on your device. Once you’ve installed and opened your iBooks app, go from the application to the shop, download the iPad and include it in your iBooks app. Or when you open one of the links below, you have the ability to open the documents in the iBooks app.


Eduroam Connecting wireless

iPad manuals

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