On July 5, 2011 in the Hague Prison (Gevangenpoort) the “Canon van Zuid-Holland: The History of South Holland in 50 stories” (Canon van Zuid-Holland: De geschiedenis van Zuid-Holland in 50 verhalen) by the South Holland Provincial Executive Han Weber presented to Josias van Aartsen, Mayor of The Hague provincial capital. The Canon contains photographs and text taken from our collection.

History of TU Delft

One chapter of this book focuses on the history and development of TU Delft, from Royal Academy to prestigious university of technology. Publisher Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland has given us permission to publish this chapter.


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Take a look, or buy for yourself?

This book is highly recommended for anyone wishing to know more about the history of Zuid-Holland. A reference copy can be found on the reading table in the Library Learning Centre; the book is also for sale in bookstores or can be ordered via Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland.


Published by Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN 90-77842-59-1
155 pages