This sphere was probably used for demonstration purposes in R.M.M. Obermann’s lectures on electrical engineering, somewhere between 1950 and 1980. It represents a model of a five-dimensional cube (!?). If you wish to see the object for real, you can visit the Library Learning Centre, where it will be on display up to and including September.

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Physical description
The surface of the sphere is covered with a network of grooves that represent the edges of a five-dimensional cube. The 32 vertices of this cube are indicated by 31 holes, which have all been provided with a combination of a letter and number. The 32nd vertex is the axis on which the sphere turns. In the holes there are sixteen plugs numbered 0-15 in red and fifteen plugs numbered 1-15 in black. A red thread has been wound along 22 of the 32 vertices.


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Pictures: Jan ver der Heul