Sunday 5 June the TV program “Rotterdammers van formaat” will run a story about city architect Rose.

Artillery and Genius School
Rose was a city architect for the urban municipality of Rotterdam. This man did his studies at Oude Delft 95, when the School of Artillery and Genius was seated there. Between 1814 and 1830 this building was the property of the Ministry of War, which founded the School of Artillery and Genius. Later, from 1842 to 1952, the building was the main building of the Royal Academy and its successors the Polytechnical Academy and the College of Technology.



An image from our Trésorcollection
To illustrate the story of Rose, RTV Rijnmond asked us to provide an image. Therefore, an old print of the Academy Building will feature in the TV programme. This print is part of a print collection consisting of 15 historical prints made between 1858 and 1860, named: “Delft in a few portrayals of the most beautiful monuments, main central buildings and sights in and near the city”.

RTV Rijnmond “Rotterdammers van formaat”, Sunday 5 June at 17:15. The episode will be rerun each hour the day-after.

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