Text Karin Clavel

You see an interesting book but don’t have the time to write down the details. Sounds familiar? If you carry a smart phone in your pocket, you could make a photo of the book cover, but why not get Quick ? With this you can e-mail yourself or share a book citation without any typing!

Quick Cite is a simple tool with limited but practical functionality. It lets you scan an ISBN barcode off a book cover and then e-mails the citation to a preset e-mail address. Quick Cite currently supports APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard citation styles.

How good is it?

From a test sample consisting of twenty titles in the “Just Returned” cabinet of TU Delft Library, an unexpected high number of six books did not have a barcode. Twelve books were cited correctly. Quick Cite did not recognize two books, a Dutch book on housing policy and an English study text.

Also useful

Imagine you have a big pile of books on your desk, which you need to put in a reference list. Simply scan with Quick Cite and then copy-paste the titles into your document. According to the supplier’s FAQs, integration with the popular Reference Management software EndNote is planned for the next release. Unfortunately, no release date is mentioned.


The Quick Cite App is available for about € 0.99 in iTunes and on the Market.