TU Delft Library presents new : www.library.tudelft.nl

After extensive development the new website of the TU Delft Library is online!
With the launch of our website we have concluded another major project, next to the transformation of our building into a Library Learning Centre.

image Blauwe tulpen op het dak van de TU Delft Library

Why a new website?

To be frank: the old one did no longer suffice to both your and our needs. Thats why we conducted research among our visitors. The results showed us that visitors had a hard time finding the right information on our old website, so we needed to create a better mapping and navigation. This proved to be the biggest difficulty for creating a new website.

Ofcourse we could have thought of a new mapping and navigation ourselves, but it seemed far more useful to let you, the visitor, help us with this. That’s why we organised a -session among a group of our visitors.


Card sorting
With Card Sorting every testperson gets a set of index cards, on which terms are already written. This person puts the terms into logical groupings, and finds a category name for each grouping. This process is repeated across a polulation of test subjects. The results are later analyzed to reveal patterns.

What’s new about the website?

On top of the renewed mapping and navigation, the new website also has a new look and feel. This makes the website easier to look at, has a better overview and basically looks nicer.
Next to that we added this blog and our other Web 2.0 channels.

We would love to hear what you think of our new website.
You can share your thoughts through the following means:

– Post a comment on this blog;
– mail library@tudelft.nl ;
– go to our Facebook TU Delft Library fanpage (click on Like to become our fan!)